Kelli has coached clients from ages 5 to 80 years old. Including men and women, boys and girls, competitors, athletes and more. The transformations that follow are from all walks of life, many whom have gotten off of medications including blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes medications and more. Each person in their own journey has learned how to end the dieting race and truly take control of their health by stabilizing their blood sugar and balancing their body. Doing this omits any restrictions, deficits, and deprivations. There has been no calorie, fat or carbohydrate counting and no journaling; just becoming educated on how to feed and fuel their bodies the right way. This ultimately has led them all to healthier lifestyles that will last forever!

IMG 2004 Custom"When I started this journey with Kelli my reflection in the mirror did not reflect the person I felt I was on the inside. I was "stuck" in a body that was starting to succumb to my excess weight and stressful job. I was experiencing high blood pressure and I am sure I was headed toward insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. I was slim and athletic in high school although admittedly my bodyfat percentage was 30% even then. Of course life happens, kids happen, careers take off and before I knew it I did not recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror. I hated getting my photo taken as I was so self conscious about my double chin and all my other well rounded features.

I contacted Kelli and she was like a beacon of light - she gave me hope that I could achieve my health and fitness goals with this program. There is no magic here but rather real advice, real steps that if you follow them to the best of YOUR ABILITY you will achieve your goals - always focusing on progress and not perfection. I have more energy and find myself staying active during my time off work.

I feel like I am finally LIVING. I have tried just about EVERY program for weight loss there is but this has been the only one that has "stuck" and shown me continuous changes in my body composition without feeling deprived or hitting a plateau. It amazes me everyday what I have achieved with this program so far and cannot wait to see my final results."

pam"I have been good friends with Kelli Bonomo for a long time. Last year we were sitting in her basement and started talking about the Grab You Life Event. I had not put much thought into it at the time when I was asked if I was going to do it. I said yes because others were doing it so I thought why not; what do I have to lose? Little did I know that I would lose AND gain at the same time.

I lost weight and gained back a little more self confidence and my health improved. I could not believe the results. I have been doing this program for over a year now. I have not gained any weight back and I am still losing. I eat like I'm supposed to but I don't deprive myself; when I get a craving for something I eat it. I don't beat myself up and instead I just pick right back up and keep going. Working out is important but not the key. Eating right is the key.

I pray if you are thinking about this I would really do it. The beginning it is a little overwhelming but trust me it gets much easier. Good luck and God bless."

darrinreedDown 64 pounds
Down 12.6% Body Fat
Down 27 1/4 inches

2015 03 07 11.58.08 CustomMatt
Down 8.2 pounds and 7 1/4 inches

Down 4 pounds and 6 1/4 inches

IMG 7708As a Senior in High School, Taylor had plans to possibly play college football. As a 350 pound lineman, the football plans fell through and he decided to join the United States Navy. Taylor had a journey before him to get the weight down so that he could enlist into the Navy. Dropping 90 pounds and over 25 inches through the course of about 6 months, he was able to pass all of his physical fitness tests and is currently serving our country with the United States Navy.

IMG 3934Down 28.8 pounds
Down 11.7% body fat
Down 14 1/2 inches

Kat hull"My journey started two months after having my second child. I wanted to lose the pregnancy weight and feel better about myself. Before I say anything about the program, I want to give credit where it is due: the coach. Kelli is not just your 'coach.' She is your friend, a leader, a motivator and a great inspiration. She has a true passion for nutrition and helping you reach your goals.

The program itself is wonderful. Through hard work and dedication I have, for the most part, regained my pre-pregnancy body. Not only that, I have a new and better mentality and attitude towards myself.

As Kelli told me at our last meeting, I have 'regained my glow.'"

IMG 2688

Down 14.2 pounds
Down 7.2% Body Fat
Down 19 inches

IMG 3106

Monica started her journey at over 500 pounds. Formerly battling breast cancer, COPD, and numerous health issues, she made the decision to start implementing healthy lifestyle changes and incorporated everything that Kelli had taught her from day 1. Over the course of a year and 1/2 she dropped over 160 pounds and 30 inches, but more importantly got her life back!

IMG 2853 3"I am off all my medications, triglycerides are normal, cholesterol meds gone, I am off my diabetes medication and blood pressure medications as well... Thank You Kelli!!"


"When I met with Kelli, I decided that I wanted to change my lifestyle of eating and being healthier. This journey hasn't been easy. With every session, there has been uplifting, motivation, shedding of tears some moments, and laughter. I still have a ways to go but I'm looking and feeling much better. Kelli is an awesome woman of God. May God continue to bless her with the ability to help others with lifestyle changes for a healthier life."

Sharon Owens testimonial pic

"This program has been a life saver! Not only has it made me look better; it has made me healthier. It saved me from getting bariatric surgery and from heading to an early grave. This was the best investment I ever made in me!!!! Thank you Kelli!!!"