Kelli has been involved in the health and fitness industry for almost a decade. She has learned the fundamentals and the in's and out's of nutrition coaching and exercise science, along with how to successfully pace each client through a powerful life-changing journey. She has launched and grown her own successful Nutrition and Life coaching practice and continues to create powerful partnerships with a focus and a passion on changing the face of the dieting world. Her personal background allows an understanding of how to properly educate the science and physiology behind nutrition, exercise and the fundamentals of creating a sustainable lifestyle.

Among the Programs Kelli offers, you will find several different areas including:

Track Kelli down at Vault 360 for Nutrition and Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Small Group Fitness Classes including Zumba, CardioGlow™, Circuit Training, and Yoga. In addition Vault 360 also offers Healthy Cooking Classes and Mindfulness workshops.

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Kelli offers Nutrition and Wellness coaching from One-on-One Coaching Programs to Group Coaching Programs. This also includes Workplace Wellness and Corporate Lunch & Learns, which allows companies to embrace the program together in is entirety. All of the programs available will guide you through the science of igniting your metabolism to help you burn fat, build muscle and create balance in your body. 

Our bodies are literally scientific experiments. If you get the science right, the experiment works... And if you don't, well, you find yourself searching for the results that diets, deprivations and restrictions just won't provide. Realistically, to truly reach your physical goals and make them last you have to feed and fuel your body the way God intended for it to be fed. 

Blood Sugar Stabilization is the Core and Foundation of Kelli’s Nutrition and Wellness Coaching. When the body is over-releasing insulin it has a higher potential of storing fat. When blood sugar is too low, the body will utilize stored muscle for fuel, hang on to fat, catapult sugar and carb cravings, and deplete energy. When the body is not balanced it tries to balance itself causing inflammation and many other health issues. 

Creating a healthier lifestyle through stabilizing the blood sugar is ultimately the only way to truly take control of your health and your life. Let Kelli’s Nutrition and Wellness Coaching get you on track to total transformation! Contact Kelli now.

The Conquer Your 8 Webinar Series gives you access to do the 8-week Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Program right from the comfort of your home at your own leisure! This Coaching
series includes a recipe book, supplement guide, email support and the 8-week nutrition and wellness coaching series. (pre-recorded)
Your coaching sessions will include the following topics:

1. Detoxing the Body
2. Igniting Your Metabolism
3. Understanding Labels and Hidden Sugar Sweeteners
4. Ordering On-Plan at a Restaurant
5. Secrets to Grocery Shopping
6. Breaking the Cycle of the Yo-Yo Self Sabotage
7. Maximizing your Sleep and Overcoming Stress
8. Thrive and Living everything that you have learned for the rest of your life!

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