Kelli’s Favorite Recipes

Do you struggle trying to find new and exciting, yet healthy recipes for you and your family?
Me too! That's why I have now compiled together all of my favorite recipes from this year that I have used in my Cooking Workshops, at my home with my family, and with my friends! These are tried and tested and totally mapped out for you!

Each recipe will give you portion size for girls and guys, tell you what the balance is and what you may need to add to it to make it more balanced ALL based on stabilizing your blood sugar.

This Annual Cookbook Subscription gives you all kinds of ideas from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Soups, Sides, Starters and Desserts. You will love having access to this YEARLY subscription that will give you 2 New Cookbooks a Year. Your Cookbooks will arrive in June and again in December!!

So.. What are you waiting for, you have all kinds of ideas and meals waiting for you right here at your fingertips!

ONLY $5.00 a month
Paid annually


Duration 1 Years



The Detox Program is a 7-14 day plan that will allow you to not only cleanse your kidneys, liver and colon, but also aide in removing excess bloat and toxins, all while balancing and stabilizing your blood sugar.

This course is perfect for:

  • Dropping anywhere from 3 to 15 pounds.
  • Getting those last few stubborn pounds off.
  • Assisting in removing excess bloat prior to a vacation, event or special occasion.
  • Kick starting your weight-loss program and get your blood sugar balanced quickly.

This course includes:

  • *PDF files to follow during your plan
  • Instructional 30 minute Video on how to correctly follow the course
  • Detox Recipe Book
  • Detox Supplement Guide



Duration 10 Days


Look Great In 8

The Look Great in 8 coaching series gives you access to do the 8-week Coaching Program right in the comfort of your home and at your own leisure!

This 8 week series will take you on a journey through 3 phases.

Phase One
Detoxing your Body to cleanse and remove excess bloat and get your blood sugar balanced.

Phase Two
Igniting your Metabolism and turning your body into a fat burning, muscle building machine.

Phase Three
Thriving and living your new healthy lifestyle. In addition to the three phases you will also receive a recipe book that will give you ideas to get you started on your new journey, a supplement guide, and weekly video coaching webinars to guide you throughout the entire 8-weeks.

Your journey will be completely laid out for you to follow week by week as listed below:

  • Week 1: Detoxing the Body
  • Week 2: Igniting Your Metabolism
  • Week 3: Food Systems
  • Week 4: Yo-Yo Cycle
  • Week 5: Maximize Sleep and Overcoming Stress
  • Week 6 Secrets to Grocery Shopping and On-Plan in Restaurants
  • Week 7: Labels and Hidden Sweeteners
  • Week 8: Thrive Phase
  • Week 9: Celebrate Your new Lifestyle



Duration 10 Weeks


Monthly Maintenance Access

Stay plugged in with the Monthly Maintenance Access Subscription.
You will receive a monthly email from me that will contain New Recipes, Exercise and Fitness Tips, Tools and Motivational and Inspirational Guidance.

I have found through living this Plan that it is definitely those tools and staying plugged in to a community that has helped me to create it as a lifestyle. I am so grateful to have been able to lock arms with you this far, now lets keep you moving forward!


Duration 1 Months