Look Great In 8

The Look Great in 8 coaching series gives you access to do the 8-week Coaching Program right in the comfort of your home and at your own leisure!

This 8 week series will take you on a journey through 3 phases.

Phase One
Detoxing your Body to cleanse and remove excess bloat and get your blood sugar balanced.

Phase Two
Igniting your Metabolism and turning your body into a fat burning, muscle building machine.

Phase Three
Thriving and living your new healthy lifestyle. In addition to the three phases you will also receive a recipe book that will give you ideas to get you started on your new journey, a supplement guide, and weekly video coaching webinars to guide you throughout the entire 8-weeks.

Your journey will be completely laid out for you to follow week by week as listed below:

  • Week 1: Detoxing the Body
  • Week 2: Igniting Your Metabolism
  • Week 3: Food Systems
  • Week 4: Yo-Yo Cycle
  • Week 5: Maximize Sleep and Overcoming Stress
  • Week 6 Secrets to Grocery Shopping and On-Plan in Restaurants
  • Week 7: Labels and Hidden Sweeteners
  • Week 8: Thrive Phase
  • Week 9: Celebrate Your new Lifestyle


Duration 10 Weeks