Kelli’s Favorite Recipes

Do you struggle trying to find new and exciting, yet healthy recipes for you and your family?
Me too! That's why I have now compiled together all of my favorite recipes from this year that I have used in my Cooking Workshops, at my home with my family, and with my friends! These are tried and tested and totally mapped out for you!

Each recipe will give you portion size for girls and guys, tell you what the balance is and what you may need to add to it to make it more balanced ALL based on stabilizing your blood sugar.

This Annual Cookbook Subscription gives you all kinds of ideas from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Soups, Sides, Starters and Desserts. You will love having access to this YEARLY subscription that will give you 2 New Cookbooks a Year. Your Cookbooks will arrive in June and again in December!!

So.. What are you waiting for, you have all kinds of ideas and meals waiting for you right here at your fingertips!

ONLY $5.00 a month
Paid annually

Duration 1 Years